Tigers of Tinder

There are a lot of guys with pictures of Tigers (and miscellaneous wild animals) on Tinder. I find them extremely entertaining so now I share them with the world with an attempt at witty commentary!
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Thanks to a user for this great submission! The tigers of tinder live!

This one goes out to the reddit users… You asked for it, ShadyApes!

Get that shit on Tinder!

Hi everyone!!!

Thanks for coming by… we’ve had a lot of traffic from some great sources, including our favourite link to date - COSMO MAGAZINE! Ladies represent!

It’s another long weekend here in Canada, whoo hoo! I haven’t posted in a while because quite frankly, I’ve been bummed out. I went on a trip to Las Vegas.

I assumed it would be a HOLY GRAIL of Tinder guys with Tigers. UNFORTUNATELY, I didn’t find a SINGLE ONE! What!? I’d say 50% of the people I saw in Vegas looked like they’d be on Tinder… WITH a tiger. But apparently not. What has the world come to!?

Anyways, so instead of some great Vegas gems, I’m stuck sharing this guy that my friend Nichole sent me from LA.

Los Angeles… the place where guys aren’t Tinder sissies like they are in Vegas.

THANKS NICHOLE! Have a great weekend, friends. Until the next Tiger…

rough night

(Thanks for the submission, Katie!)

Hi Everyone! It’s a long weekend here in Canada, so that’s pretty exciting.

This week, I’d like to shame the above guy, Tyler. Tyler is currently travelling and had the opportunity to meet some tigers. He also got a picture with some tigers. Exciting right? Surely he’s headed to Tinder to share these photos with all the single ladies, right?


WTF Tyler. WTF. What a terrible waste of solid tiger pictures.

HAPPY FRIDAY! It’s been a serious while since we Tigered for you guys. It’s not a lack of material, just a lack of inspiration. We need these guys and gals to start being a bit more unique in their tiger poses! Someone be a trend setter!

Anyways, Chris isn’t exactly trendsetting, but he did have enough gall to disturb this tiger while he was getting his drink on. Watch yourself Chris… the drink may just be the appetizer. You could be the entree!

Happy Canada Day (tomorrow) to our Canadian friends (and us!) 
I want to give the biggest shout out EVER to Ian Zelesko & Ryan McHardy - two ingenious dudes who came up with this HILARIOUS “Tiger Yourself" website! Now EVERYONE & THEIR MOM can have an awesome tiger selfie!!! TIGERS ON TINDER FOR EVERYONE!I tiger-ized an old photo of myself (left) & my bestie above. Everyone do it! It’s phenomtastic. 


Happy Canada Day (tomorrow) to our Canadian friends (and us!) 

I want to give the biggest shout out EVER to Ian Zelesko & Ryan McHardy - two ingenious dudes who came up with this HILARIOUS “Tiger Yourself" website! Now EVERYONE & THEIR MOM can have an awesome tiger selfie!!! 


I tiger-ized an old photo of myself (left) & my bestie above. Everyone do it! It’s phenomtastic. 


Happy Saturday everyone! Perhaps you’ve heard about the new law being passed in NY to (gasp!) prohibit people from posing with tigers?

It’s probably best for the animals, let’s be honest. And as our friend Justin from Winnipeg (thanks to my lovely cousin Candace!) demonstrates, there are ways to get a picture with a tiger without actually cuddling them.

Next post I’ll try to introduce you to Ti - the friend I made in Australia and brought back with me to Canada to help keep the Tigers of Tinder trend roaring!

So if there’s one thing I’ve learned while travelling through Australia, it’s that almost EVERY Aussie on tinder has a photo with an animal. Not always tigers, but tons of fish, roos, koalas, sharks, etc.

After 10 minutes on tinder, this is the collection I came up with!

OH MY!! I’ve been in Australia (Brisbane) for exactly 12 hours… And I checked tinder for exactly 12 guys before I found Glen, chilling with a tiger. ITS A WORLDWIDE PHENOMENON!

Over & out(back)… Until the next tiger is found.

Hi ho there. (I have literally run out of greetings for this blog)

I’m going to start a new type of post - people who SHOULD or MIGHT AS WELL have pictures with tigers.

Scanning tinder for the holy grail (a tiger of tinder of course), I often come across what I like to call “tiger teases”. These are the guys that have pictures in tropical environments, zoos or sanctuaries… And you just know that when you scroll through the photos you’ll eventually come across a tiger. But SOMETIMES these jerks fake you out & you end up tiger-less (basically the equivalent of cold, sad & alone).

SO I’m going to start featuring these tiger teases!!

Tom, above, doesn’t strike me as the tiger photo op type - BUT since his second photo clearly states that Tom loves to travel, I’m going to lump Tom into the “SHOULD” have a tiger photo category. Because frankly, if you LOVE to travel, Tom - THEN PROVE IT WITH THE INFALLIBLE TIGER PHOTO OP!!!


Ps I swiped left, Tom. I did.

Happy Thursday Tigers of Tinder fans!

We’re sharing from our friends over at tindermen again this week, because this guy’s name is "Boney" and that’s just far too ridiculous to pass up. And, in all honesty, I have been having a hard time finding my own Tigers of Tinder lately (both through lack of trying & lack of tigers). Enjoy Boney, and we’ll be back with some more original internet fodder soon!

Oh, and please encourage your friends to post their tiger pics to Tinder so we can mock them ;-)


Pi and Richard Parker: the golden years.

So it seems some kind folks have found their way to the blog via a little publication called the Wall Street Journal! I just wanted to take a moment to say welcome to the wonderful world of Tigers of Tinder!

Let us know if you have any Tigers of Tinder of your own to share - we’d love to check them out! You can submit them here: TigersofTinderSubmit@gmail.com

So in honour of our Wall Street Journal debut, I bring you Thomas. There is nothing uniquely distinct about Thomas & his tiger photo… but isn’t that the beauty of it all? People are trying to stand out all over these dating sites by posing with tigers and other ‘wild’ animals. As per the WSJ article… distinguishing themselves from “boring guys who stay at home and play videogames.” (Andy Mai, 28, of Oakland, Calif.)

But here we all are… posing with tigers… becoming completely indistinct yet again. And I think posing with tigers is significantly more expensive, and likely even less fun, than video games. Who doesn’t love a good Super Nintendo game!?

Oh hello there! It has been quite a while since I have shared any Tigers of Tinder for your viewing pleasure… life has been a bit insane.

I would to publicly state that my amazing softball team, the Sons of Pitches, won our FIRST EVER SOFTBALL game with a two out, 11 run rally in the last inning. So basically, we peaked in our first game of the season (yes, since this was our first win it does mean we won zero games last year). But the other team was great & happy for us & joined us for drinks afterward. Good times!! It makes our motto “Got 99 problems but a pitch ain’t one.” seem almost legit.

So now I bring you the lovely gent Clay, who looks like he’s enjoy a good spooning session with that sleepy, sleepy tiger. Clay comes to us from Vancouver, and our traveling contributor Hillary. Thanks for always keeping an eye (of the tiger) out for us, Hillary!

I’m heading off on an international adventure myself to Aussie land soon, so you can most definitely expect me to be on the lookout for Aussie Tigers of Tinder while I’m there (I’m guessing that I may find a few on my TigerAir flight!!!).

No tinder photo right now but I’m at a Chapters going out of business sale (I heart books!) and just wondering if we can take a vote on whether or not I should pick up a copy of “Tigers Forever” by National geographic?

Ok vote!


More tigers of tinder soon, I promise. Heading to Australia to track down some Aussie tiger lovers!